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Learn to write alphabets of your choosen language using a digital screen with internet. No other media required.  Try this yourself or share  with someone who wish to learn alphabets.

 Language is the medium for communicating and expressing.   Languages have two forms – Spoken and Written. The written form of a language is build on scripts or alphabets which has designated sound attached with it.  Start learning alphabets to start writing – Arabic, English, Hindi, Spanish, Tamil or other languages of your choice.

Learn LIPI : No Login, No Payment – Simply Practice!

Learn LIPI :- It's New & Novel !

"Screen Writing"

Now with latest technology we are pioneering to offer you a novel method for learning to write alphabets – It is Screen Writing – With a smartphone/ digital screen and index finger/stylus pen/mouse you can write and learn alphabets. You can write and practice 24×7 any alphabets of your choice. It eleminates the use of  Sand casing, Sand, Paper, Pencil, Pen , Eraser etc for learning alphabets there by reducing the carbon footprint of every individual.  

Learn LIPI :-Sustainable and Climate Friendly!

Learn Lipi avoid using paper – a product of tree felling. This directly reduce tree felling thereby aiding climate change mitigation. To learn alphabets through this platform you do not need paper, pen, eraser, pencil, text books etc. Your writing space is your mobile/ digital screen where you can practice by writing and rewriting without generating waste – all these reduce your carbon footprint.

Learn LIPI :- It's affordable, safe and secure !

This is a very low/nil cost platform affordable for everyone. Anyone can easily practice and learn alphabets here with just by browsing. The tool can be your smartphone or PC at your home or away. No mandatory downloads and hence secure and safe. Just surf the website to practice and learn. For a more personalised service use LearnLIPI Plus.

Learn LIPI :- It's Feature Rich !

  • Nice interface
  • Select from 20 languages
  • Practice with ease
  • Learn Alphabets one  by one
  • Use ruled , unruled digital sheets
  • Use multiple liner digital sheets
  • Image for script and Sound for pronunciation
  • Erase and rewite as required
  • No personal detail required 
  • Free – No payment required

Learn LIPI :- It's Conveniently Available !

This digital platform is useful for anyone looking to learn writing of alphabets. Be it early learners, an adult learning to write or anybody learning a second language or more. This is a good companion for all in their journey of learning to write.  A stress free environment to learn at your own pace available 24×7 on your smartphone, tablet or PC without any hassle. 

Learn LIPI Plus : A more personalised learning

Learn Lipi Plus is a collection of premium features of this platform. These give the user a more personalised learning experience. Presently this is offered free and can be accessed by signing up for Learn LIPI Plus

Test Yourself

This is self assessment module for your study. You can chek your learning results through this.

Trace & Learn

Tracing and writing can make learning easier. Like writing on a tracing paper you can use our tracing screen and write.

Dark Screen

User who prefer to write and learn with dark screen have this option. You can user either white or black screen to write and learn 

Color Pens

Color pens are always a fascinating way to learn. We offer 5 color pens which the users can use for learning

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Immerse yourself in this wonderful world of language scripts and alphabets. This paperless platform enable you to learn alphabets by repeatedly writing and practicing on a digital screen as you wish. Once you learn and memorise the alphabet structure and image, you can easily write it with pencil on paper, pen on paper, brush on paper etc