Learn Lipi is a digital platform ( Presently in Beta Launch stage)  to learn writing. This is a fully mobile friendly platform where users can practice alphabet writing without paper ie only using a smartphone and stylus/ fingers.

Accessible anywhere with an internet connection it will aid self study of language scripts to the new language learners in a convenient way.

Featuring a wide range of language scripts this platform will evolve to be a good companion for those seeking to learn handwriting .

This platform is hosted in secure environment to ensure adequate safety for its users.  No unneccessary details are collected and shared.

Presently this is an open platform with no need to submit any details before using. However you should read and agree to the terms and conditions before using this website application.

Other service providers operating with this platform will have their own policies and must be adhered to whereever required.

This learning application is developed by Splience Technology Services LLP .Splience Technology Services LLP is a Start Up focusing on innovative products .  Leveraging the tremendous growth in  infrastructure and internet users Splience Technology Services LLP intends to develop a niche market for its new innovative digital applications. For this Splience Technology Services LLP have carefully choosen capable Technology & Marketing service providers.

Splience Technology Services LLP  is based out of Bengaluru ( Erstwhile Bangalore) , the Garden city & Silicon capital of India