A digital platform to learn alphabets of different languages thereby aquire basic writing skills.Users can look at the alphabet and write on the screen writing space. Users can repeatedly write and practice the written form of language of their choice. Once alphabets are understood well, users can easily learn more .

Lipi  means Writing, Letter, Alphabet or Script.

Screen writing is the digital way to handwrite. Used here in every alphabet page.Users can write and practice on digital screen with stylus/ finger or mouse depending on device used.

Users can choose from Unruled, Ruled single line, Ruled two line or Ruled four line at your convenience and practice writing

Not required . Users can simply browse to this website and practice handwriting.

Yes . LearnLIPI Plus is a more personalised service. Hence users should register to use this.

Click on LearnLIPI(Top  Right). Then select the required language to go to practice page. Practice page consits of Alphabet Text and Audio with a Screen Writing Space below.The first alphabet of the language is seen now. Move to next by clicking the right arrow. Left arrow for previous. See the alphabet and write on the Screen. Erase with the clear button , Use ruled or unruled space whenever required. Practice alphabet writing one by one.

Always start the writing at slow pace and then increase the speed as you grasp more. Always use soft touch on touch screen of smartphones / others.

Anytime, Anywhere, Anydevice – Touch or Non Touch. An internet connected device is required.

Touch Screen Device

Smartphones – Write with Stylus Pen/ Finger

Tablets/ I Pad – Write with Stylus Pen/ Finger/ Mouse

 Laptop/ Digital Screen – Write with Stylus Pen/ Finger/ Mouse

Non-Touch Screen Device

PC/ Laptop/ Digital Screen – Write with Mouse

Please use the contact form in the contact us page.

Alternately you can write to learnlipi@splience.com